Client Results - before + after

Danielle came to my clinic after experiencing acne and breakouts while she was pregnant. She sought a natural, pregnancy-safe skincare solution that offered long-term results.

Treating her to our detoxing charcoal extraction facial, I then prescribed her with a custom skincare set, including a custom Activate Me Vitamin C serum and Detox Me charcoal facial mask. 

Following three weeks of treatment, Danielle’s acne had reduced, as well as the redness and inflammation in the affected areas. She says:

“Loving my new skin care from earth4me, I was having trouble with breakouts since being pregnant and am now seeing a huge difference over the last month! I needed something completely natural, and safe to use on my skin. The charcoal face mask and vitamin c serum I am especially loving, and my face feels smoother and looks more even.”

– Danielle

God is doing such a wonderful job with your skincare range, I am so grateful that I met you, and your in-depth skin consult. I’ve noticed such a drastic improvement in only three weeks, I had to share these photos. I had previously been to a dermatologist with no change and had given up on my skin, thinking I was always going to have bad skin. With your education and knowledge, I can now begin to feel confident in my skin. Thank you. 

– Megan Richardson