Polish Me Exfoliating Grains

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Size: 30ml


Our micro exfoliation formula removes dead skin cells from the epidermis, helping to accelerate cell turnover while aiding in the removal of excess melanin and toxins, cleaning up a sluggish complexion.  You will notice a softer smoother renewed youthful appearance, with added fruit oils to invigorate the senses.

A versatile product in the Earth4Me range, designed to be added to masks, lip balms, and cleansing oils, transforming them into a powerful exfoliant.

Simply tap out the amount required mixing it into your selected product. Exfoliate the intended area as normal, rinsing off with a splash of water, wipe over the area with our delectable Polish Me Steam Cloth. revealing a brighter, plumper more even complexion in an instant.

Cocos nucifera (Coconut fruit) powder, Bambusa vulgaris powder (bamboo), Juglans nigra (walnut hull), Camellia sinenis (Matcha green tea) powder, Grapefruit oil, Pure distilled flower oil.

No Preservatives, No Parabens, No Alcohols, No Fragrance, No Formaldehyde, No Triclosan, No (Sodium lauryl sulfate) (SLS), No Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) No Toluene, No Propylene glycol, No Synthetic colour, No animal testing.  Rated -100% natural product. Vegan approved.

Vegan product

Expiry:     12 months from opening
Store:        Away from light and water 
Consult:   Your doctor if on medication or pregnant. When using essential oils, use with caution.

Click & collect from the earth4me clinic 

Australian Delivery: $10.00  flat rate, 7-12 business days

New Zealand Delivery: $28.00  flat rate, 14-21 Business days

What our clients have to say

Sharon Anderson: These really do pack an exfoliating punch – my skin felt so new and soft after adding them to the Clarify Me cleansing minerals. I love how i can chose the intensity and change it up.

Chelsea kilde: Wow! I tried these at the market. Im so glad I brought them. I added them to my mask and the miracle lips like you said, worked a treat, so versatile. Thanks.

2 reviews for Polish Me Exfoliating Grains

  1. Sonia

    I love adding this to my oil cleanser, iv never found a oil cleanser exfoliant and with this added it works so well

  2. Sarah fawn

    This is such a great product you can determine how scrubby you want your exfoliant depending on the day you’ve had. Working on a mine site I find this is helpful getting the Pilbara dirt out of my pores.

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