Charcoal Me Facial Mask

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New Size: 50ml
Free Facial Mask Brush *Limited Time*


This is one power-performing treatment mask, crafted with activated charcoal, green tea and eucalyptus. Charcoal draws out toxins that get trapped in the skin causing a dull flat look. The active ingredient increases circulation resulting in an overall clearer complexion. Antioxidants in Green Tea fight premature aging, and provide a gentle exfoliation. Eucalyptus is a natural anti bacterial purifying extract, used to eliminate dirt, oil and heal blemishes, reducing redness and removing the appearance of puffiness.

Perfect for a spot treatment. Just think of it as a mini-mask for your blemish.

Mix a teaspoon of Charcoal Me with equal parts water, make a paste, and apply to your face with your hands or a mask brush, leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse clean with water, finishing off with a deep steam clean with the Polish Me Facial Cloth.

Try mixing your mask with our powerful Polishing Fruit Grains, for an exfoliating treatment.

*Activated Coconut Charcoal (Black charcoal), Montmorillonite Clay ( Bentonite), Camellia sinenis (Matcha green tea) powder,  Aluminum Silicate (Australian kaolin clay), Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) leaf extract, Tasmanian blue gum (Eucalyptus) oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree) oil blended with a mix of Australian herbs. 

No Preservatives, No Parabens, No Alcohols, No Fragrance, No Formaldehyde, No Triclosan, No (Sodium lauryl sulfate) (SLS), No Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) No Toluene, No Propylene glycol, No Synthetic colour, No animal testing.  Rated -100% natural product, Vegan approved.

Expiry:     12 months from opening
Store:        Away from light
Consult:   Your doctor if on medication or pregnant.  When using essential oils, use with caution.

Click & collect from the earth4me clinic 

Australian Delivery: $10.00  flat rate, 7-12 business days

New Zealand Delivery: $28.00  flat rate, 14-21 Business days

What our clients have to say:

Chelsea Cummings:  This mask works so well to minimize my breakouts. It refines pores and detoxes my skin. Definitely worth purchasing,

Natasha Henderson: This Mask is amazing – it helps keep my skin feeling fresh, less congested, and takes the oily shine away. Leaving my skin feeling calm and refreshed.

6 reviews for Charcoal Me Facial Mask

  1. Sharon Saunders

    I love the smell of this mask. it feels super cool as its drying and tightening I can feel it working it’s magic.
    It really leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh.

  2. Janessa harvey

    I have been using Earth4me products for a over 6 months now and have seen a major difference in my skin! Since using these products and this amazing detoxing mask, my skin feel so much smoother and easier for the annoying congestion to come out more easy. Natascha is highly professional and so informative. I Always leave her clinic feeling refreshed after each treatment. highly highly recommend ❤️

  3. Jodie Lee

    This clears up my blemishes up so fast, I put a dap on each new spot before going to bed and in the morning all the redness is gone and its no longer sore and inflamed.

  4. Danielle Bellamy

    This mask has helped with my HS flare ups like nothing else on the market. I had multiple cysts flare up recently, Nat told me I could dab the mask on the trouble bumps and leave on overnight. I noticed a HUGE reduction in size and redness. I did this every night for 3 nights, my HS cysts were almost all gone!!! These aren’t normal acne bumps – they can last months even years! 3 nights and almost cleared up! In my opinion this skin care is life changing. Thank you!

  5. Danelle Isle-Risk

    Loving my new skin care from earth4me, I was having trouble with breakouts since being pregnant and am now seeing a huge difference over the last month! I needed something completely natural, and safe to use on my skin.
    The charcoal face mask and vitamin c serum I am especially loving, and my face feels smoother and looks more even.

  6. Nat Dan

    This is my go to spot treatment, I love how it clears up all my horrible hormonal adult acne. I no longer have to try hide it with thick make-up

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