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About Us

Earth4Me founders, Kieran & Natasha Brock

A husband and wife team who love skin care!

Natasha has been around skin care from a very young age with a mother who has always instilled the importance of looking after your skin. At the age of 18  Natasha entered into beauty college in New Zealand, quickly noticing the changing demands of the skin care industry and the phenomenal prices of these salon products. Finding it difficult to understand why we would add unhealthy chemicals to our skin when they weren’t there to start with, was going against all her training; this lead her to investigate.  She explained it to me like this:

We naturally have in our body VITAMIN C. ..VITAMIN D. …VITAMIN E. …VITAMIN K. …FOLIC ACID. …CALCIUM  etc

When we are first born, our skin looks amazing. But over time, with age, living conditions, pollution, etc, it gets dull,  tired and so on. The obvious thing to do is to top up your skin with these vitamins which the skin already makes and knows what to do with, when applied. The body is full of cells waiting for you to feed them the correct type of nutrients, in turn forming plumper brighter skin. The skin, being the largest organ of your body, is such an important investment, she explained. Seeing her passion in what she believes, designs and creates, is very refreshing in a world where we look for a quick-fix, without looking at the consequences of using harmful ingredients.

Kieran has been in graphics for many years and he takes pride in the packaging and branding side of ‘Earth4Me’.

He books all events and is the master of the display and marketing designs.He’s well known to be the first one in the home to try every product batch. He had a brief chat with me saying he was so proud of his wife, observing the dedicated and long hours that she’s put in to creating the‘Earth4Me’ brand. Kieran commented “if Natasha stopped selling our products, she knows she has to keep making my favourites”  letting me know the cooling eye roller is one he can’t do without. Now that’s saying something!   It’s hard enough to get my husband to put sunblock on, let alone an eye roller!

Together they are a lovely team that flow together in rhythm to make this outstanding beautiful boutique brand.  Cutting out chemicals and developing a wonderful natural skin care range –  Earth4Me.

What we believe

At Earth4Me, we truly believe in what we do and take pride in designing beautiful boutique products that not only benefit you, but are exciting and invigorating to use. We absolutely love getting to know our skin care and beauty therapy clients, thus delivering a truly custom-made order each time. We look at what their skin is lacking and design a product to bring back that pop of bright, soft, plump skin that we all desire. Not a one-bottle-fits-all approach. Being involved in community events, markets and fundraisers, gives us the opportunity to talk with real people about their needs, preferences and desires in today’s ever changing skin care industry. It’s important to keep designing new fresh and fun organic products for our clientele.